Notes and Do!

This and recent posts were written by Amy, 5 years out from severe TBI and global aphasia.  Year by year her abilities to retrieve words spontaneously and work through grammar and spelling are improving. Neuroplasticity is real, the body self-repairs; its work is incredibly complex, largely invisible:

I used to hate writing reminder notes. Too busy, distracted, no time. But: yikes!  Concert tickets — tonight! Oh my goodness, I nearly forgot!

This happened a lot, until I found easy app reminders for everything. My favorites are Notes and Do!Image result for do!  Both are easily accessible and free, links below.  I’ve also linked Android note apps.

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Apps and More

After TBI, many survivors need to relearn lost skills, physical and cognitive.  Here is some online help: challenging and fun!

Image result for constant therapyContact Therapy:   tricky, interesting, great — and FREE!  My difficulty is aphasia: numbers and language are hard.   Download to your phone, iPad, Android Tablet, PC, or Mac.

Word Hippo:    I like creative expression. Word Hippo helps me remember lost words to express thoughts.

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Exercise and Cognition

Brainline is a very helpful website, with informative TBI articles and supportive blogs by survivors and their loved ones.  A recent article on the website explains the reasons exercise is so good for your brain.  We hope this encourages your own exercise routines. For specific recovery exercises, please check out more posts in our own Physical Therapies page.

TBI & Changing Directions

My story is on TBIJourneys’ About page. Quick recap: At 22, my highest goal was ballet; I loved it all: blisters, pain, hard work,  performing. Then…CRASH.

New directions. Right side weakness and aphasia.  But I also love…   20170619_020456

Cooking with a new twist: Paleo-Ketogenic.  Briefly, we think high fat and low carb helps healing and builds health.

Recovery from severe injury takes time and determination and hard, sometimes painful work.  After a stressful therapy session, you deserve a treat that can boost recovery. Here’s one I enjoy: Continue reading “TBI & Changing Directions”

Easy Frozen Recovery Treat

Hippocrates, Mahatma Gandhi — as well as modern diet research pioneers –recomamy&berriesmend flax seeds for health.  Ancient East Indian scriptures advise eating flax seeds for “the highest state of contentment and joy.”

The modern classic, Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill by Edo Erasmus, details the science behind flaxseed consumption.  Our TBI Journey family’s pursuit of recovery includes freshly-ground flax in a simple, delicious daily treat. Continue reading “Easy Frozen Recovery Treat”