Apps and More

After TBI, many survivors need to relearn lost skills, physical and cognitive.  Here is some online help: challenging and fun!

Image result for constant therapyContact Therapy:   tricky, interesting, great — and FREE!  My difficulty is aphasia: numbers and language are hard.   Download to your phone, iPad, Android Tablet, PC, or Mac.

Word Hippo:    I like creative expression. Word Hippo helps me remember lost words to express thoughts.

IXL:    math, language, science and social studies.   Aphasia makes math and language difficult. ; IXL offers step-by-step structured lessons; start at the grade level that challenges you — K – 12.

More Speech:   Like constant Therapy, this app covers many skills:  listening, understanding speech; reading; speaking; and word memory. A free trial is available; see if it fits your needs, then decide if it’s worth the $24 per month subscription.

Google Speech-to-text: really helps me with spelling.  When I can’t remember the right letters, if I can speak a word to the Google microphone icon, Google spells it out for me.   Or Dragon Dictation app also  provides a writing format with speech-to-text.  Dragon Dictation  Lastly, word prediction on email/text messaging programs also helps.

If you have aphasia like me, I hope some of these suggestions work for you!  I’d like to hear your tips too.

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